Strata Park is the modern system application for today's open plan office environment.

As an extension to Strata Planter, at the heart of the Park concept is the ability to bring nature into social areas within a working environment. The ability to custom design your own Park is made easy with a variety of standard components that allow you to mix and match with the additional option of incorporating seats and tops so that your Park makes the most of your space.

Complete with designer looks and functionality, the real beauty is no doubt in its flexibility – from large open spaces to smaller office areas, Strata Park offers escape from the everyday pressures of your working environment. Apart from the general stacking ability of Park, unlimited lengths can be achieved if you design Park using the brick stack ability. Serious lengths can be achieved so you get all the benefits of plants in your day to day. Design a Park that perfectly fits your space!  
  • GECA Certified
  • Capabilities of Strata Planter and more
  • Incorporate colour and design a Park to perfectly complement your space
  • Option of adding a variety of seats and tops
  • Modular capabilities
  • Able to accommodate to any environment
  • Configuring 90° corners are easily achievable
  • Achieve unlimited lengths with a brick stack style configuration
  • Australian designed and manufactured
Overall Widths
General Stack -
900, 1350, 1800mm
Brick Stack -



Standard Heights
330mm (40, 100, 90, 100)
*custom heights available

Top 80, 90, 100mm
Middle 50, 80, 90, 100mm
Base 40mm

Standard Colours
White Satin
White Texture
Palladium Silver Pearl
Brilliance Texture

Pot Sizes Available


10 Years

Planter boxes are the modern way of bringing the benefits of living nature into a working environment. Apart from the obvious plantscaping and ‘greening’ of the space, there are significant benefits to be gained from increased levels of staff productivity as plants help to improve air quality and bring a sense of balance. From adding life to darker areas, to splashing colour against cool walls, the power of plants should never be underestimated. To ensure you achieve the desired result, we work with leading plant suppliers that can easily advise you on the best plants for your space.

Our friends at Ambius have extensive knowledge and a great range of indoor plants that will optimise any space! When we’re after more information on using the right plant for the right pot in specific indoor environments, we contact Ambius. Ambius offer interior plantscaping solutions to businesses that want to implement ‘green zones’. With professional advice, rental and maintenance options to suit your needs, you’ll be experiencing the benefits of plants in no time!

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