Eclipse Compactus makes powered high-density mobile storage more affordable than ever before. Create your own powered storage solution from a broad range of features and options for guidance, control and safety, power and wiring, environmental monitoring, security, lighting and more. The system you buy today can easily evolve into the system you’ll need tomorrow.  What’s more, the Eclipse Compactus is the safest high-density mobile storage solution you can buy.

  • Light-immune photo sweep
  • Mechanical safety sweep
  • Aisle entry sensors
  • ‘Zero Force’ sensor (ZFS)
  • Temperature and water sensors
  • Auto brake
  • Programmable carriages follow distance and spacing
  • Core logic accommodating up to 3 ‘safeties per side’
  • System key lock
  • Aisle lock
  • Security keypads with user-tracker capabilities
  • E-mail alerts
  • Track-based anti-tilt system
  • Integrated aisle & bay lighting

Ease of Use / Productivity
  • Programmable speed
  • Standard, simple touch-pad control
  • Aisle or total system overhead lighting
  • PowerLink remote PC interface for quick, convenient system reconfiguration

  • Sure, dependable connections
  • Static discharge protection
  • Fail-safe technologies
  • Non-contact distance sensors

Storage Options
The standard system is built around the Ultima CI-80 or Longspan shelving system, however virtually any type of storage system can be mounted on Eclipse mobile bases

Design Options
Choose from a range of end panel materials. Standard is Low-Pressure laminate in a standard range of colours.
System Type

Drive type
Line Shaft

Rail System
Standard – Anti-tip rail with dual flange guidance
Recessed In-floor

Shelving and Accessory Systems
Standard – Ultima CI-80 and Longspan
Other – any other shelving system and cabinets can be incorporated

Maximum System Width
24.6m – longer on request

Shelving Width Options
Ultima 750, 900, 1050, 1200mm
Longspan (clear entry) 900, 1200 1800, 2100, 2400mm

Shelving Depth Options
Ultima 250 (D/S only), 300, 400, 450, 500, 600mm
Longspan 405, 455, 505, 605, 765, 905, 1205mm

Shelving Height Options
Ultima 975, 1875, 2175, 2400mm
Longspan 1200, 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000mm

Overall System Heights (from top of track, excluding Eclipse pantographs)
With Ultima 1120, 2020, 2320, 2545mm
With Longspan 1345, 2145, 2345, 2645, 3145mm

Maximum carriage Carrying Capacity
1500kg per linear meter

Standard Colours
Stone White (Shelving)
Cottonwood / black standard (Base Carriages)
Off White or Parchment (LPL Face Panels)