Mekdrive 2 revolutionises filing and storage systems with advanced technology and design. It is the lightest mechanically assisted mobile storage system available; this keeps floor loads to a minimum, a major consideration in most high rise buildings. And best of all, its unique belt-drive technology and ergonomically designed hand-wheel moves 4000kg block loads effortlessly, removing operator strain.

Mekdrive 2 provides incredible value when compared with traditional mechanically operated fixed-track systems. You can even easily upgrade from a Freetrack 2 system. Mekdrive 2 does not require floor fixing or timber infills, eliminating the possibility of damage to floor coverings. Multiple track configurations apply better distribution of floor loads.

  • Create an extremely efficient high density filing and storage system by mounting Ultima CI-80 shelving onto the attractive Mekdrive 2 track and runner system
  • The innovative low profile track design provides great strength and enhanced mobility for the Mekdrive 2 runners
  • Attractive clip-on track ramps further reduce trips hazards and allow for the movement of trolleys or wheelchairs between shelving bays
  • Multiple track configurations apply better distribution of floor loads
  • Mekdrive 2 needs no fixing into the floor. This eliminates any permanent damage to floors and flooring material, plus allows for cost effective relocation or reconfiguration of the systems as needs arise
  • The unique track based anti-tilt mechanism secures all shelving, further enhancing operator safety
  • Easily add to your Mekdrive 2 system should the need arise
  • Easily upgrade from Freetrack 2
  • Intelligent mechanically assisted system
  • Shelf bay widths of up to 2700mm wide
  • Hand wheel reduces risk of hand or arm injury
  • A choice of locking options provides added security
Drive Type
Mechanically Assisted

Maximum System Width
2700mm (3 x 900mm bays)

Shelving Widths
750, 900, 1050, 1200mm

Shelving Depths
250, 300, 400, 450, 500, 600mm

Shelving Heights
975, 1875, 2175, 2400mm

Overall System Heights
1040, 1940, 2240, 2465mm

Maximum Bay
Carrying Capacity

Maximum Movable
Block Load

Standard Colour
Stone White

10 Years