Setting up armory is easy with Dexion Office Spacesaver Weapons Racks. Spacesaver Weapon Racks are durable – these fully welded heavy gauge cabinets provide long lasting use even under tough conditions. Flexible configurations accommodate the storage of a wide variety of weapon types (long and hand guns) gear optics and square barrels. Secure retractable doors and locking bars provide weapon security of conventional arms ammunitions and explosives.

Spacesaver Weapon Racks provide modular solutions and a stackable design maximizes armory storage space, even cabinets have the option of being gauged together and placed on high density mobile systems.

The Bin system is designed to store gear, optics and special equipment inside the cabinet. Diamond shaped mesh permits visible counts of weapon inventory. Cabinets and interior accessories are totally reconfigurable. By adding a cart with industrial grade castors to Spacesaver Weapon Racks it provides easy movement within and around a facility.

Dexion Office Spacesaver Weapon Racks is a secure solution that is space efficient, cost effective and versatile.
Retractable doors and locking bars provide weapon security according to specific military requirements for the physical security of conventional arms, ammunitions and explosives
Fully welded, heavy-gauge cabinet provides long-lasting use even under the toughest conditions

Exterior diamond-shaped mesh permits visible counts or weapon inventory even with the doors closed and locked
Space Efficiency
Modular, stackable design maximizes armory storage space. Cabinets may be ganged together

“A la Carte” configurability accommodates the storage of a wide variety of weapon types (long and hand guns), gear, optics and spare barrels

Protection of Weapons
All components that have contact with the weapons are dipped in a black polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating to protect the weapons against any abrasions, (except the stock cups which are an injection-molded thermoplastic)

Special components allow weapons to be safely transported inside the rack
Standard Heights
454mm (internal 381mm)
873mm (internal 800mm)
1140mm (internal 1067mm)
1559mm (internal 1486mm)

1076mm (internal 927mm)


Powder coat
Stand alone unit(s)
Modular (on castors)
Stacked (multiple)
Integrated on top of mobile shelving systems

Bases to accommodate for a variety of weaponry (8 types available)
Support Rails
Barrel supports (11 types available)
Binning System